Conjekt’s main focus concentrates on construction project management services and investment project consulting. Each investment plan ensures performance commitments on any handled construction project through a wide spectrum of services and management procedures.

With years of experience in the field of construction and investment projects’ consulting in the development of buildings of a budget of €105,000,000 both in Greece and abroad, the Conjekt construction company ensures the successful execution of any project, from reviewing and approving the construction plan to offering innovative project management services and investment consulting expertise.


Tourism investment in Greece is a critical factor and an integral part of the country’s construction growth. Conjekt introduces investment opportunities for tourism investments while providing a holistic and fully integrated experience in construction plan interpretation, consulting and on-site management for tourism infrastructure development.

Adopting a renewable energy action plan the company manages to improve hotel energy efficiency and save on annual energy costs while engaging in green technologies and strategies contributing to the environment and society.

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case studies

National record for the construction of curtain wall frame opening with Structural Glassing support system in the office building of Marousi Plaza.

Reconstruction of an 1838 stone building and its transformation into a seven suites, A class guest house in Mani.

Design and construction of a hotel complex with 51 rooms with pool and multipurpose spaces within 19 months.

The first almost Passive building of Athens.