Conjekt is a scientific construction project management firm of committed and highly skilled professionals and years of expertise in the field of electromechanical studies, structural, architectural and engineering design and construction management both in Greece and abroad.

Covering a wide scope of services the company specializes in management construction of investment projects and real estate services for all types of industrial and commercial properties. It provides consultancy on effective project management strategies from the planning phase to the construction and supervision on site and all the way to project closure while providing investment consulting services and advice on the construction cost control and construction quality control of development.


Lighting its passion for construction through the flawless implementation of projects the company garners the respect of investors seeking initiatives to invest in Greece. With an impressive portfolio of diverse accounts both in the residential and commercial field of construction such as technical company office buildings, hotel facilities residencies, seaside buildings and public structures the company has grown at an amazing rate and continues to do so by offering investment opportunities and one-stop-shop investment services for both building and tourism investments.


Conjekt has built an esteemed reputation for its expertise and know-how of construction project management approaches while covering investments regardless of size, spectrum, requirements and technical difficulties as a leading technical company in Greece. Former constructions of hotel facilities residencies, office buildings, residence complexes, country homes, condominiums, residential and industrial buildings, conference halls, transporting and plumbing works as well as port works and docks along with the integrated building technical services provided are the proof of guarantee for the realization of investments.


With respect to the natural environment, the company continues to promote green technology by applying renewable sources of energy to the building of environmentally friendly office spaces and the construction of environmentally friendly project structures. The company actively engages in energy sustainability projects conducting building energy inspections so as to reduce overall energy consumption in construction building and utilizes solar energy with the construction of photovoltaic parks and photovoltaic installation projects.

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Investment Proposals
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case studies

National record for the construction of curtain wall frame opening with Structural Glassing support system in the office building of Marousi Plaza.

Reconstruction of an 1838 stone building and its transformation into a seven suites, A class guest house in Mani.

Design and construction of a hotel complex with 51 rooms with pool and multipurpose spaces within 19 months.

The first almost Passive building of Athens.