Greece is a country with a prime geographical location, rich culture, history and heritage blessed with a magnificent natural environment, abundant sunshine and moderate temperatures throughout the year.The expending market of tourism, the excellent infrastructure, the easy access as well as the country’s unique morphology have turned Greece into the ideal property hot spot for investors. Among the many investment opportunities in Greece, real estate investment has become progressively challenging in almost all forms of tourism investment and alternative investments in renewable energy.

Conjekt is one of the leading investment project consulting firms in Greece backed by professionals and experienced consultants providing construction project management solutions and advice on real estate investment opportunities for those wishing to invest in Greece.


Due to its excellent climate and geomorphology Greece emerges as one of the major energy hubs in Southeast Europe showing high renewable energy potential developing wind power, solar and geothermal energy projects while acknowledging the importance of adopting green technology in construction techniques and materials. Greece is one of the world’s most favorable destinations for round the year vacation and holidays chosen by many as the ideal place to retire in.

Conjekt provides attractive opportunities for investments in renewable energy supporting energy efficiency in the field of construction with the use of alternative resources and the deployment of solar photovoltaic projects. With an impressive project portfolio of industrial building construction, commercial, public, residential and hotels’ renovation projects as well as the acquired know-how from years of experience in the construction industry, Conjekt offers easy investment consulting services operating as a one-stop shop for contractors willing to invest in Greece.

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case studies

National record for the construction of curtain wall frame opening with Structural Glassing support system in the office building of Marousi Plaza.

Reconstruction of an 1838 stone building and its transformation into a seven suites, A class guest house in Mani.

Design and construction of a hotel complex with 51 rooms with pool and multipurpose spaces within 19 months.

The first almost Passive building of Athens.