Conjekt-MARGARITIS GEORGIOS & CO L.P. has been established as a result of a successful partnership between experienced and specialized scientists active in the field of construction project management. Its team of professionals offers technical and investment consulting services as well as services for the organization and management of tourist enterprises, hotel construction and real estate investments while investing in eco-friendly solutions by engaging in energy sustainability projects. With years of experience in construction contracting, the company offers integrated solutions for the full spectrum of investment needs, creating initiatives to invest in Greece while remaining faithful to the principles and guided values of trust and respect towards the customer.


Conjekt aims to develop strategic approaches so as to offer comprehensive and integrated proposals and bring value from the stage of conception, to implementation and all the way to the delivery of the investment. Giving the investor the opportunity to become part of a successful one-stop-shop cooperation Conjekt releases clients from the burden of finding reliable and competent partners for such investments while focusing on:

  • reducing costs
  • minimizing the time of implementation
  • the particular aesthetic and functional requirements of each investment
  • using Eco-friendly materials and systems
  • the ways and methods that will minimize energy operating costs of projects while increasing their commercial value.

The company provides a wide spectrum of services covering investments regardless of size and complexity in the following areas:

  • Real Estate
  • Renovations and Extensions (Private, Commercial, Holiday Residences and buildings)
  • Energy Inspections & Upgrades (Private, Commercial, Holiday Residences and buildings)
  • Construction of Permanent Residences (Maisonettes, Apartment Buildings, Villas)
  • Construction of Temporary Housing (Office buildings, Hotels, Holiday Residences, Public Gathering Spaces)

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case studies

National record for the construction of curtain wall frame opening with Structural Glassing support system in the office building of Marousi Plaza.

Reconstruction of an 1838 stone building and its transformation into a seven suites, A class guest house in Mani.

Design and construction of a hotel complex with 51 rooms with pool and multipurpose spaces within 19 months.

The first almost Passive building of Athens.