Description Budget Location Type Period
Construction of New Two-Storey Building with Swimming Pool 1.000.000 Ntrafi Villa 2010-today
Construction of New Two-Story Building with Swimming Pool 750.000 Voula Villa 2010-2011
Three-Level Condo with Swimming Pool 1.000.000 Ntrafi Villa 2007-2008
New Three-Storey Building with Basement 550.000 Stamata Villa 2005
Professional Building with Ground Level and Basement Level Unit for the Production of Dairy Products, Ground Level Store and High School Teaching Centre on the First Floor, total surface area of 970 m2 1.000.000 Drosia Craft Building 2008
Restoration of Neoclassical Building 1.500.000 Athens Preserved Building 2007
Restoration of Façade and Roof of Preserved Building 800.000 Plaka, Athens Preserved Building 2001
Construction of 150 km metropolitan fiber optic network in the prefectures of Attica and Aetoloakarnania 3.500.000 Greece NETWORK FOR THE GREEK TELECOMMUNICATIONS ORGANIZATION 2006
Installation of 42 Km of Metropolitan Telecommunications Fiber Optic Network with Construction of Encased Tubing System 1.000.000 Athens NETWORK FOR THE GREEK TELECOMMUNICATIONS ORGANIZATION 2002-2003
Conversion of former Village Cinemas building into office building for MAROUSI PLAZA 9.500.000 Marousi Office Building 2007-2010
Conversion of 5-storey Industrial Building into office building for C&C INTERNATIONAL 7.500.000 Metamorphosi Office Building 2006
Construction of New Riadh, Saudi Arabia Airport 35.000.000 Saudi Arabia Building & Traffic 1980-1982
Construction of New Three-Storey Building with basement 850.000 Drosia Condo 2009
Three-Level Condo 400.000 Drosia Condo 2005-2006
Two-Level Condo with Basement and Swimming Pool 800.000 Kyparissia Condo Complex 2006-2007
5-Residence Complex with Garage and two swimming pools 1.000.000 Kifissia Condo Complex 2005-2006
2-Condo Complex with Basement and Swimming Pool 750.000 Psychico Condo Complex 2003-2004
"ATHENS VILLAGE" complex with 4 ten-storey apartment "ATHENS VILLAGE" complex with 4 ten-storey apartment in the basements, 258 apartments 4.000.000 Agios Eleftherios Residence Complex 1999-2001
Nefeli complex of 64 apartments with underground parking spaces in the basements 1.000.000 Marousi Residence Complex 1999
Ariadni Apartment Building Complex with total surface area of 7,500 m2 1.000.000 Nea Filadelfia Residence Complex 1998-1999
Construction of Traditional Guesthouse Petritis with seven 1st class suites 1.000.000 Oitilo, Laconia Hotel 2008
Full Renovation of Novotel Athens Hotel 2.500.000 Athens Hotel 2006-2007
Renovation of Marmara Hotel, 4* 2.521.000 Athens Hotel 2006
DEKELIA 4*Hotel, 51 Rooms with Multi-Purpose Rooms and Swimming Pool 4.000.000 Nea Kifissia Hotel 1999-2003
Renovation of Era Hotel, 4* 1.000.000 Athens Hotel 2002-2003
Seven-Storey Building with Open Parking Area and Basement 800.000 Agios Eleftherios Apartment Building 2007-2009
New Three-Storey Building with Open Parking Area and Basement 450.000 Filothei Apartment Building 2006-2007
New Three-Storey Building with Basement 450.000 Paiania Apartment Building 2006
New Three-Storey Building of 2 Residences 600.000 Paiania Apartment Building 2005
Seven-Storey Building with Open Parking Area and Basement 750.000 Goudi Apartment Building 2004-2005
Construction of Sidewalks and Asphalting of road 150.000 Drosia Roadworks 2007
Construction of Schimatari- Athina Expressway, 35km length 35.000.000 Schimatari Roadworks 2005-2011
Construction of two Railway Overpasses in the section Athens - Enoe 29.400.000 Menidi Roadworks 2003-2004
Construction of Underground Bypass of the town of Katerini in the context of Egnatia Constructions, with length of 2.50 km 5.000.000 Katerini Roadworks 2000-2003
Egnatia Odos viadacts at the Kavala Bypass 10.000.000 Kavala Roadworks 1998-1999
Spata-Elefsina Highway Geographical Units Α7 +Α8 44.020.543 Metamorphosi Roadworks 1994-1999
Construction of New Athens - Corinth Highway 35.000.000 Athens-Corinth Roadworks 1990-1992
Chamosternas Avenue Overpass at the Railway Station in Tavros, Athens 1.000.000 Athens Roadworks 1987-1988
Construction of 30 km Highway in Riadh, Saudi Arabia 30.000.000 Saudi Arabia Roadworks 1982-1985
Closed-type 80 km Highway 20.000.000 Libya (Sepha) Roadworks 1979-1980
Demolition of Earthquake-Damaged Building in the Athens and Piraeus Prefectures 330.000 Athens-Piraeus Earthquake Damaged Buildings 2000
Maintenance of the Drosia School Buildings 15.000.000 Drosia School Building 1999
Correction of Ag. Georgios Stream at the Oil Refineries of Aspropyrgos, Attica 15.000.000 Aspropyrgos Waterworks 2003