Covering a wide spectrum of integrated construction services and real estate investment solutions in Greece, Conjekt is a building project management company that comprises of experienced real estate consultants who offer guidance and recommendations on technical specifications and interior design considerations through investment project consulting, monitoring and overall management.

Providing unique building designs, planning and supervision of construction for buildings, hotels, apartments, houses and other infrastructure structures with experience in project execution and construction management the company ensures a high quality of investment and overall cost efficiency.


Conjekt provides integrated real estate services for opportunities to invest in Greece by experienced consultants from the planning and thorough investment consulting to construction & supervision and overall project management of accounts. By integrating environmental thinking through the implementation of energy sustainability projects Conjekt aims to improve energy efficiency and utilize renewable energy technologies in every hotel, commercial and industrial construction project in its portfolio. Through the engagement in energy and sustainability projects the company intends to reduce the production cost and energy consumption and increase the overall value on investment.

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case studies

National record for the construction of curtain wall frame opening with Structural Glassing support system in the office building of Marousi Plaza.

Reconstruction of an 1838 stone building and its transformation into a seven suites, A class guest house in Mani.

Design and construction of a hotel complex with 51 rooms with pool and multipurpose spaces within 19 months.

The first almost Passive building of Athens.